We’re elevating our community, one house at a time through the promotion and practice of sustainable design, rehabilitation, and education. We engage in full-scale home rehabilitations and provide community education and outreach. We also offer affordable, expert consultation services for homeowners, businesses, and communities eager to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.


Working with Ball State architecture students and other community partners, we engage in full-scale rehabilitations of homes in Muncie’s urban core neighborhoods. See our projects to witness deteriorating houses transform into safe, affordable homes.

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If you’d like to determine the energy efficiency of your home or business, we will work with you to assess the space and provide you with options, such as recaulking windows or investing in a programmable thermostat. This list of opportunities will help you set priorities as you work to reduce energy bills. We can assist with upgrades, but if the work is outside our expertise, we will put you in contact with reputable contractors.

We’re also happy to review building designs to determine a structure’s efficiency. A second opinion never hurts! Let’s talk.

Education and Outreach

Our roots in education drive us to continue to seek out and engage in educational partnerships to promote sustainable design and building among future generations. That focus on education also pushes us to get out into our community—through workshops, events, and meetings—to inform our neighbors about the benefits of green homes.

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