Our Team

In 2009, visionary architecture professor, Jonathan Spodek, and his energetic students committed to reinvesting in Muncie’s urban core neighborhoods [More on our history]. The team transformed one, two, then more houses into energy-efficient homes until the class developed into a full-service nonprofit. People of all ages, from across Muncie have come together to support ecoREHAB because we believe affordable, safe neighborhoods lead to healthy, prosperous, and inclusive communities.

Jason Haney, CEO of ecoREHAB
Jason Haney, CEO of ecoREHAB

the board of directors

Responsible for guidance and management, the board of directors takes an active role in ecoREHAB’s overall direction and strategy, meeting monthly to assess projects and discuss opportunities to enhance ecoREHAB’s positive impact within the community. The board strives for diversity and inclusion, from age and race to talents and neighborhood representation.

Scott Metzler

Vice President

Dan Royer


Other board member not pictured: Jim Flatford, Director

our students

More than 100 high school and college students have been involved with ecoREHAB, either through design collaborations or hands-on rehabilitation and new construction of energy-efficient and smartly designed dwellings.

These future architects, construction managers, tradesmen and more have rehabilitated six homes and helped dozens of residents gain access to affordable, safe homes that enhance neighborhoods and inspire sustainability.