Building Community, One House at a Time

You may not live on Washington Street, but it links to Main Street that links to Jackson Street, that links to yet another, that eventually links to yours. Each of us is connected—part of a broader community—that relies on our collective care and attention.

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Invest in Your City

We work alongside students and community partners to promote and practice sustainable design, rehabilitation, and education. Your support—giving what you can, when you can—helps us transform deteriorating houses into inviting, sustainable homes. Together, we’re building safe, sustainable neighborhoods for generations to come.

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Empower your Neighbors

“I’m so happy to live in my dream home and be part of the good that can come out of something so terrible. It is encouraging us all to be the change in our community, and to create a sense of belonging. Our light must shine out the darkness.”Norma Ruttan, retired school teacher and ecoREHAB homeowner

About Our Work