Rain Barrels

Do you want to help the environment and save a couple bucks on your water
bill? Rain barrels are the way to go. Rain barrels are small, aboveground barrels that
you keep outside your house to collet rain water. These barrels can be places under
your gutter downspout for rain collection. This water can be used for your lawn and
garden needs.


Composting: Organic material decomposing and releasing nutrients back into the soil (or Mother Nature’s offspring returning home and assisting her in her old age, if you will). Click here to learn more about composting, and more importantly, how it can save you some greenbacks (and I’m not talking about pepper peels)!

Tree Planing 

A healthy living space begins with the right amount of planning.  If you want to plant trees in your yard the first step is tree planning. In order to find a healthy place for your trees to grow, you have to know the land you’re planning on letting them grow in.  There are things that always need to be taken into consideration, such as property lines, power lines, and landscape.

Light-Colored Roof

Why a light-colored roof? Sure, everyone looks good in black, but this is the exception. After all, isn’t it about what’s under the roof that counts? Click here to learn more (hint: your satisfaction from reducing energy use and lowering your utility bills is what counts, here)!

Home Siding Options

When it comes to siding for your house there are many options that are out there for choice. Choosing siding that is most eco-friendly and sustainable is the most ideal option when choosing your house siding. This can be a rather tough decision and one that takes research and time before choosing the right one for you while still helping the environment. To learn more about some of the different options out there click here.

Storm windows 

Have a love-hate relationship with your windows? Consider investing in storm windows. Storm windows are fairly cheap (especially when compared to brand-new windows) and easy to install. Storm windows may help bar some of that unwanted air flow into and out of your home. This, in turn, helps out your energy bills. Easy installation, easy maintenance, lower energy bills. What more could you ask for?