Lorenzo Works at B.C. Construction with Brian Coffman. He remodels full homes and does new additions. He works on siding and roofs as well.

Lorenzo loves to serve the Muncie community and would love to bring it back to what it used to be one house at a time! He is dedicated to making Muncie whole again and would love to see a clean and beautiful Muncie!

Lorenzo is currently on ecoRehab S.T.E.P. Program board and actually graduated from this program! He gives an insight nobody else can because he’s been through the program, has benefited from it and shows its success. He shows what it can provide for our future generations to come!

Lorenzo went to Muncie Central High School and Graduated in 2017.

In his spare time, he loves to pressure wash and clean gutters recording each encounter and building a relationship with the customers. He uses this to build his brand and gain a following on social media showing people how hard work and being dedicated can pay off!

Lorenzo is a very open minded, dedicated individual looking to make a difference anywhere he goes and is willing to help at all times!