Kyla is an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Ball State University, and she owns an aquaculture consulting firm with her husband David. Kyla enjoys showing her students how they can apply what they learn in the classroom in their lives, and she believes strongly in the power of mentorship and education to help students reach their potential.

After dedicated mentoring from the mathematics faculty at Indiana University Kyla gained the confidence to study the subject that she had loved her whole life: mathematics. Her mentors encouraged her to apply for undergraduate teaching assistantships and research experiences, which became catalysts for her decision to become an educator herself. After gaining her degree in mathematics from Indiana University, she came back home to Muncie where she earned her master’s degree in mathematics from Ball State University. While at Ball State, she was granted the opportunity to lead her own classroom for the first time, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Kyla spends much of her free time with her husband and three small kids. One of their favorite pastimes as a family is to visit the Cincinnati Zoo, where they have been members for several years. Kyla also loves to make things with her hands, a lifelong crocheter and knitter, and takes on small remodeling projects in their home with her husband. She enjoys coffee, honestly even the bad coffee, and a good song to go along with it.