Hans Heintzelman is the son of a retired Ball State professor. A Muncie native born and raised with two brothers and two sisters. He attended St. Mary Catholic school and graduated from Delta High School. Hans has an AB from Wabash College where he graduated with degrees in Fine Art and Religion while also becoming an NCAA Academic All American wrestler.

Hans was making and selling gold and silver jewelry in high school. When he returned from a Young Life camp in the summer of 1990 he set out to make his own wooden cross necklace. There was a high demand for these hand carved crossed and Hans made over seven thousand in the years that followed. Through his international travel and via World Youth day, his hand carved crosses were spread to every continent on earth.

While backpacking Europe pedaling his wares and experiencing all the great art of the world he could, he knew his next great adventure would be exploring the North American continent with all its grandeur and diversity.

Upon returning to the states he was visited by a certain mystic who declared, “I’m a drummer and you’re a woodcarver; let’s make drums.” So, Hans started carving hand drums, bought a 1979 Toyota odyssey RV, loaded it up with drums and headed out on the highway crisscrossing the country traversing 47 states.

In 1997 he was guiding horseback tours in the Shawnee National Forest when he started an apprenticeship with an accomplished finish carpenter.

As the spring of 1998 unfolded, with a mastery of his craft, Hans returns to Muncie. He purchased 107 North High Street, “the oldest commercial building still standing downtown”, and began renovating it to serve as his studio. He feels strongly about his role as the steward of this place. Ultimately the revitalization of this property earned him an Althea Stoeckel award for historic preservation. This remains one of his proudest accomplishments. Hans would go on to flip more than 50 properties before Heintzelman Hardwood Floors became his main focus.

Currently, he resides on the west side raising a family. He has coached various little leagues, been a longtime Scout leader and active member of his church, St. Francis, where he is involved with youth ministries. His passions are anything outdoors; camping, hiking, canoeing and planting trees. In an effort to promote sustainability, Hans set out to plant a tree for every floor job he completed. He quickly eclipsed that goal and with the Plant Roots Foundation he is responsible for getting 1000 trees in the ground every year.

Hans loves Muncie. He strives to make his hometown the best it can be one detail at a time.