Our mission

To advance our community through the promotion and practice of sustainable design, rehabilitation, and education.

Our vision

Green homes. Strong communities. Happy people.

Our values

We value sustainable building, the practice of creating and using healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition.

We value partnership, recognizing we could not function without the support of generous donors and volunteers who believe in our work to improve the quality of life in our city.

We value our team, supporting and encouraging each person who dedicates time and energy to the organization. We seek to understand through active listening and compromise through open, honest discussion

We value where we live and work, learning about each neighborhood and community so that our work aligns with and reflects residents’ values and aesthetic.

We value affordability, operating with creativity and innovation with an eye for recycling and repurposing to get the job done with as few resources as possible. We build efficient, durable homes so that we can pass savings on to homeowners and clients.

We value education, pushing ourselves to keep up with the latest trends in sustainable building and design. We aren’t afraid to take risks, recognizing improvement is a journey.

We value safety, ensuring all those who work at a site have the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.