ecoREHAB has a unique and vital role in improving our community, with its focus on partnership, education, and sustainability. The organization works alongside community partners and residents to transform houses into inviting, energy-efficient homes in addition to providing educational and energy-auditing services to help individuals and businesses improve the conditions in which they live and work. These efforts empower our neighbors, advance community, and promote sustainability.

Sustainable rehabilitation

As the “eco” in our name suggests, employing ecologically sound construction practices in the rehabilitation of existing homes is at the core of our mission. Since 2009, we have invested in more than six abandoned homes, transforming these abandoned structures into inviting, sustainable homes.

We’ve watched one house after another inspire neighbors to reinvest in the look and feel of the neighborhood. This revitalization reflects the positive, lasting outcomes of these collaborations, our work.

Educational Outreach

First-hand exposure to poverty and hands-on experience with sustainable building is not often something students experience in college. Students who engage in ecoREHAB studios come away with a deeper understanding of community and a lasting connection with Muncie (many students come back to visit properties and keep in touch for updates about the organization’s efforts).

Students gain practical building skills and rehabilitation expertise in addition to opportunities to flex their problem solving and critical thinking muscles. They also gain perspective and experience in navigating relationships with community leaders, industry professionals, and neighbors. Many have said they have relied on the planning resources and organizational expertise they acquired during the ecoREHAB project. Learn more >