Muncie residents sign up to learn more about energy efficient living.

ecoREHAB is committed to educating the region about the importance of sustainable design, building and maintenance. A greener city results in greater environmental protection, economic prosperity, and social equity. We achieve the educational charge of our mission through collaborations with students and community outreach.

Community engagement

We seek out opportunities to spread the message of green building throughout our community through workshops and speaking engagements. Let’s talk about how ecoREHAB can add value to your event or meeting.

Educational partnerships

Having emerged from a Ball State class, ecoREHAB remains connected to its roots in education. We consider it part our mission to work with and inform the next generation, encouraging students of all disciplines to consider sustainability in everything they do.

Ball State students tour homes in Muncie’s urban core neighborhoods.


  • ecoREHAB collaborates with students in Ball State’s College of Architecture and Planning to rehabilitate and build homes. See our work.
  • Since 2014, we have partnered with Muncie Area Career Center Building Trades Program to provided high school students with energy-efficient design concepts they have then used to build three homes.
  • In 2017, the organization began a partnership with Ball State’s Department of Journalism to develop a sound marketing and communications plan to capture the compelling stories of impact.