Executive director Craig Graybeal is eager to meet with you to discuss ways you can reduce your energy bills and live a greener life. Schedule a meeting.

“ecoREHAB invests in the houses we already have. We have this little saying we like to mention, maybe you’ve heard it: the greenest building is the one already built.”

-Bill Morgan, Muncie Historic Preservationist

Each consultation is different, as Craig walks through your space to assess opportunities for improved efficiency and safety. Together, you’ll develop a list of priorities based on your goals and resources. Craig can advise you to tackle projects yourself or ecoREHAB can assist you with updates. If we can’t do the work, we will suggest reliable contractors who share our values.

Full-scale Rehabs and Outreach

In addition to consultation, we work with community partners to rehabilitate homes and engage in community outreach. Learn more.