Questions & Concerns

  1. Where are we going to house the annual reports (links to PDFs or pages, with financials removed, of course)? Media tab?
  2. The home page content I created is as if it’s a blog. Once y’all come up with a homepage look, we can break up or rework that content to work with the design.
  3. How and where are we going to feature past or current projects? Do you like how the current site does it or should we list the addresses with brief descriptions of the projects and THEN they can click on the house for more?
  4. The resources pages are not done. There is info on the “What is Sustainability?” page, but I cut and pasted it from a government site, so we need to make our own. Also, let’s think about if we need/want to shorten any of the headings so they all fit on one line?
  5. There are TWO visions on the Our Mission page, any thoughts on which is better or do you have a better one?
  6. On the Education page (and a few others, I link to student designs, “check out student designs”). Do we have those/are we going to feature those? I am gong to ask Craig if he has access to them, and that might make the decision easy (if he doesn’t)
  7. We need to create headings and fonts throughout that match.
  8. We need to add photos and graphics (if we get that far/have time to create them).
  9. Craig needs to answer questions on the Consultation page.

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